Jessica Piette


At Vanishing Point

A temporary online artsite containing essays, audio-visual work and writing by thirty internationally based environmentally engaged artists, academics and activists.  

With great thanks to the contributors:

Brave New Alps / Dear Climate / Raqs Media Collective / Smudge Studio Collective / Jenny Donnison / Arturo Escobar / J.K. Gibson Graham / Collins & Goto / Michael Hautemulle / Jo Hellier / Allard Van Hoorn / Gaelle Kreens / labofii / Bruno Latour / Pippa Lobban / Ane Lopez / Michael Malay / Ethan Miller / Helen L. Moore / Rob Nixon / Nils Norman / Louise Oates / Ralph Pite / Janine Randerson / Åsa Sonjasdotter / Isabelle Stengers / Richard Taylor / Simon Yuill / Joanna Zylinska

Launched during the 2017 Glasgow School of Art postgraduate degree show, as part of an installation of work by New Zealand based artist Louise Oates, alongside a programme of toolkit writing workshops that invited the public to take part in collectively imagining alternative futures, focussing on an expanded notion of care that encompasses the non-human within acts of support and community-making.

Funded by GSA Sustainability in Action Group.